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Caused by excess uric acid purine

What It Purin?

Purine compounds oganik is available on the genetic structure of plants and animals, so we can conclude all foods containing purine just that there is a high or low levels, as a result there are some foods that will produce high uric acid when digested.

Purine itself has a role as the most abundant antioxidants in our blood, high antioxidant properties in the blood to help prevent aging, and is known to fight heart disease and cancer formation.

But the problem is if the high purine and uric acid will form a high uric acid will result Hyperuricemia can lead to gout or joint pain it is due to heap gout joint area. In addition to causing joint pain kidney stones also.

Joint pain suffered by gout sufferers are usually found in a particular area, below is a picture of the location of joint pain that usually occurs in patients with Hyperuricemia. at the point where the dark red is joint pain often experienced by people with hyperuricemia, for the bright red dot is the location of the pain is usually in pain, while the black dot is the location of a rare joint pain experienced by patients with pain due to uric hyperuricemia.asam

In normal conditions uric acid will be excreted by the kidneys through urine below is gambaranya, uric acid crystals

but in certain circumstances the kidneys are not able to do it, in addition to the inability of the kidneys to excrete uric acid maximally, Hyperurisemia also be caused by the intake of food containing purines.

Below are some sample images of uric acid crystals that are the joint area, this is what causes joint pain occurs: acid crystal urat2

Then how to cope with Uric Acid?

there are some things that must be done to overcome uric acid, among others:

a. diet of foods rich in purine substances

b. drink lots of water, it aims to help the performance of the kidneys, the kidneys are good performance, the larger crystals that can be excreted by the kidneys.

c. there are two kinds of gout treatment first with the physician's treatment with chemicals, two types of gout medications through a natural treatment. which we will discuss here only the treatment alai, but in another article click here to read natural gout remedy.

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